National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) is a grassroots, legislative initiative to vest randomly selected, trained, and rotating panels of private citizens with responsibility for state judicial disciplinary processes.  The concept has two basic premises:


The first is that “(r)estoring the Rule of Law when breached is an obligation of and should directly involve all Americans.”

The second is that for the judicial branch of each U.S. state to competently interpret laws, determine their meaning, and settle disputes -- their judges need not self-discipline.

Through community forums, NFOJA:

  • proposes a shift of America’s judicial oversight mechanisms to allow more direct citizen involvement in the resolution of judicial misconduct claims;

  • justifies that shift based on balance of power considerations between average Americans and judges;

  • makes clear that an imbalance of power results between judges and other Americans when judges directly or substantially control all the government processes for challenging their official conduct; and

  • distinguishes our concern about that imbalance of power from considerations of judicial corruption and related abuses of power.

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Some of the world's most prominent government whistleblowers and human rights activists gathered 
during the week of May 11-18, 2008 in Washington, D. C. to lobby Congress and alert the public to the 
need to support whistleblower protection.  Part of the momentous occasion was a historical, Citizens' 
Forum On Judicial Accountability which took place at the Stewart Mott House on Capitol Hill, Thursday - May 15, 2008.

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NFOJA conducts multiple

e-learning and public service programs for its members.

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The community organizing and mobilizing arm of NFOJA's nonprofit corporate sponsor is NFOJA's National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB).  Its mission is to maximize national coordination and collaboration in the interest of appropriate judicial independence and accountability in America.  

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