Set Ups for Criminal Prosecution - Episode 2

January 30, 2020, was the date for our first interview in more than a year and our first for the year! The Face of Vulnerability (TFOV) focused on mass incarceration and Human Rights Defender Britton Mosely, Sr., author of 2 exposés on the Mississippi Department of Correction.

This episode takes us to the pre-dawn of this century as Mosley makes clear that current news of wretched state prison conditions and prisoner abuse – even unexplained prisoner deaths by the hundreds in Mississippi – could have been predicted and substantially prevented by the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice. Instead, Mosley’s eyewitness accounts of prisoners brutally tortured by prison guards were ignored, and Mosley himself was set up for prosecution on totally false charges of possessing illegal drugs inside a correctional facility. Hear in this TFOV interview how the entire situation was covered up through the false reporting of at least one FBI agent, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Mosley’s entire ordeal, detailed by his book series Fabricating Evidence I and Fabricating Evidence II, reveals how the truth that could have saved the lives of countless Mississippi prisoners was buried through maneuverings of at the time Mississippi prison officials, FBI agents, state prosecutors, federal prosecutors, private lawyers, and a high profile federal judge. They all either caused or disregarded the destruction of Mosley’s career as a state correctional officer, and his efforts as a Human Rights Defender turned law enforcement whistleblower. And not only did Mosley as well as his family – including his wife and several children – pay the cost; so did countless Mississippi state prisoners, not to mention their families.

• Fabricating Evidence I and II @ http://brittonmosleysr.com/

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