Episode 3 - PUBLIC SAFETY ROULETTE: The Mark Lipton Story

Don’t miss the story of former Tennessee Deputy Sheriff Mark Lipton. Apparently, taking him down meant more to the State of Tennessee than the safety of residents and visitors traveling near the Smokey Mountains!

Tune in to PUBLIC SAFETY ROULETTE: It’s not a game any of us should want to play, especially when the threats to public safety are intoxicated drivers. But believe it or not, Mark Lipton conveniently ended up with a criminal record after trying to expose an alleged DUI cover up. His is "The Face of Vulnerability".

But so are the faces of his wife and their children. And this TFOV episode is longer than usual because it also introduces us to Ms. Marcella Charles of Louisiana whose husband was killed by a drunk driver. Ms. Charles puts a face to the risks and potential tragedy of playing Public Safety Roulette.

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