White House asked again to press for criminal investigations of Indiana court officers.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Today -- December 3, 2018 -- correspondence was mailed to U.S. President Donald Trump, encouraging him to press the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana to consider "indications that criminal activity prompted (the death of Mr. Rodney A. Logal, a co-founder of Opt IN USA; threaten that campaign and related advocacy), much of which Mr. Logal helped pioneer; and facilitate apparently relentless persecution (of his widow, our own) Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal, as well as Dr. Andrew D. Jackson." In what she dubbed a 2016 "May Day" letter to former President Barack Obama, Dr. Crenshaw-Logal unsuccessfully sought similar protection almost exactly 2 months before her late husband's death on July 3, 2016. Earlier this year, a coalition continued seeking help from the White House for Dr. Crenshaw-Logal and Dr. Jackson, with no apparent progress. Pursuant to a June 2018, "Write the Right" campaign, the coalition encouraged former Indiana Governor turned Vice President, Mr. Michael Pence, to intervene on behalf of his former Indiana constituents, Dr. Crenshaw-Logal and Dr. Jackson.

As part of a four (4) page letter, the National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB) of the National Forum On Judicial Accountability, explains to President Trump:

"Obviously the (United Nations Human Rights Council) UNHRC could not entertain addressing what we contend is America’s woefully inadequate judicial oversight if related relief were clearly available in America. Yet, as indicated, the United Nations charter body has expressed willingness to intervene, subject to our elaboration on instances of related harm. We submit that fact alone confirms an International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) violation by the U.S. And, naturally, we would relish an opportunity to discuss corresponding implications with whomever in your administration you deem appropriate. However, our current request is that Thomas L. Kirsch II, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, be encouraged to commence a preliminary, related investigation in accord with the enclosed request of November 26, 2018."

Kirsch was extended the referenced Meeting/Investigation request by the New Order National Human Rights (NONHRO) on behalf of the Logals and Dr. Jackson. By separate letter, the NSMB simultaneously reached out to Amnesty International USA (AIUSA).

The NSMB notes as follows to the AIUSA, arguably the world's foremost private sector human rights advocate:

"Last year, the Centre for the Independence of Judges & Lawyers, International Commission of Jurists, reported to the United Nations that “(G)lobal experience over the last 65 years (demonstrates) that a legal system that all actors know will respond effectively and consistently to violations and abuses has a general deterrent effect.” Since 2005, (Opt IN USA's nonprofit corporate sponsor) has been at the forefront of establishing that America’s legal system does not have that general deterrent effect."

Stay tuned as "The Face of Vulnerability" tracks responses (or the lack of responses) solicited by the NSMB and NONHRO.

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