Advocates offer evidence of state and federal crimes to Indiana prosecutors

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

"The worldwide crisis of retaliation against Human Rights Defenders appears to have impacted some of NONHRO’s closest allies, as well as Indiana’s legal system."

As Chief of Staff and Legal Director for the New Order National Human Rights Organization (NONHRO), Mr. John Drummond shares these words by respective letter to an Indiana state prosecutor as well as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana. His correspondence goes on to state:

"A delegation of NONHRO members and supporters would like to meet with you for a briefing on indications that criminal activity prompted Mr. Logal’s death; threaten ongoing good government advocacy we support, much of which Mr. Logal helped pioneer; and facilitate apparently relentless persecution of our colleagues Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal as well as Dr. Andrew D. Jackson."

  • Read NONHRO's letter to Bernard A. Carter, Prosecutor - Lake County, Indiana: CLICK HERE

  • Read NONHRO's letter to Thomas L. Kirsch II, U.S. Attorney - Northern District of Indiana: CLICK HERE

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